Our Process

How Comet Digital Agency uses UX in Laos :

UX design is key to the success of a mobile app. That is why we always work with as user centric approach during our design process. User Interface Design is also crucial as it defines the final look of the product, and how it directly interacts with the users. Our goal is to design an interface that meets both the client requirements and the target audience needs.

To build android apps or iOS apps in Laos, we always pass through the same stages :

1. Understand and planning strategy:

To build a quality app, we need to understand your users needs, their pain points, your brand and its mission. We define your audience and identify the problem they are facing. Then we design a strategy that will help your company achieve its goal while helping fixing that particular issue.

2. Understand and planning strategy:

We collect data and information about your target audience, via surveys, interviews and focus groups, to address the underlying issues they meet. We also use usability testing to analyze users behaviors regarding the app.We turn those results into insights by developing personas and user journey maps. This process helps us understand users daily struggles, their expectations regarding the mobile application and how they interact with it.

3. Design :

We engage in the final stage of design process by generating ideas. We create the wireframe which is a representation of the product’s essentials and, finally, build the design. It includes: site map, user flow, mockups, images, icons and colors.

  • Understand the business
  • Define the user and business needs
  • Interviews
  • User/focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Usability
  • Usa personas
  • User journey maps
  • Site map
  • User flow
  • Mockup
  • User testing
  • Beta launch
  • Internal testing
  • Final Analyze

With a focus on Innovation,
Quality & Results

Our work process is built around Agile methodology. This project management method is often used in software development to reduce risks, ensure quick delivery and build the most optimized product as possible.
Our IT developers write the code and do code review to check it and ​fix it rapidly ​make the appropriate changes if needed.
Code review : the code produced by the IT developer is then checked by another team member to verify the code is well written and secure.
We run daily Quality Assurance testing as well as Unit Testing.
With Continuous Integration, we ensure the app’s integrity and rectify mistakes before the release, using Jenkins or Bitwise language.
We frequently update our clients of the work in progress and maintain communication throughout the whole design and development process.

Code, Review, Test, Build and Repeat