Mobile Apps are the new faces of companies

54 % of millennials are less likely to use a company’s products or services following a poor app experience*.

We develop custom solutions for mobile applications that raise brand awareness, boost online presence, and improve users experience.

Comet has already successfully created impactful iOS apps and Android Apps for mobile banking, live streaming, taxi realtime tracking or even Rugby Stats Tracker.

UX & UI design for mobile apps

UI in Laos

We focus on improving the overall aspect of the app’s interface and how users interact with it. It is a part of UX development.

UX in Laos

During the design process, our UX team does its best to create an intuitive and pleasant experience design process, our UX team does its best to create an intuitive and pleasant experience for the app users. They work on the structure, flows and the quality of interactions. It includes design, branding, usability, functionality, user adaptability and interface design.

IT development for Android and iOS

We’re big fans of native language as it optimizes mobile apps’ performance.

We use Swift and Objective-C code iOS applications, and Kotlin and Java for Android Applications. But for cost-effective purposes, we also develop cross-platform apps with hybrid languages such as Flutter and Dart.

Mobile App testing & Bug fixing

To ensure our app is correctly running and do frequent releases, we continuously test the code we produce.To achieve that we use:
QA : we check the product on new functionality and retest the whole app to spot any failures.
Unit testing : the IT developer implements new pieces of code with Jenkins or Bitrise to test
the newly produced code.
Continuous Integration : CI allows us to rapidly catch code failure, locate the unit code
where it originated and fix the bug in the early stages of the app development.
Our developers work with Github to collaborate, implement new functionalities and merge the code they produced.

Monitoring and app maintenance

Good ratings and reviews contribute to your online reputation. It is important to have a good support system, even after delivery.
We provide maintenance and surveillance support after the app’s launch to avoid bad users reviews and fix any problem quickly.

How Comet uses UX in Laos :

UX design is key to the success of a mobile app. That is why we always work with as user centric approach during our design process. User Interface Design is also crucial as it defines the final look of the product, and how it directly interacts with the users. Our goal is to design an interface that meets both the client requirements and the target audience needs.

To build android apps or iOS apps in Laos, we always pass through the same stages :

1. Understand and planning strategy:

To build a quality app, we need to understand your users needs, their pain points, your brand and its mission. We define your audience and identify the problem they are facing. Then we design a strategy that will help your company achieve its goal while helping fixing that particular issue.

2. User research and analysis :

We collect data and information about your target audience, via surveys, interviews and focus groups, to address the underlying issues they meet. We also use usability testing to analyze users behaviors regarding the app.We turn those results into insights by developing personas and user journey maps. This process helps us understand users daily struggles, their expectations regarding the mobile application and how they interact with it.

3. Design :

We engage in the final stage of design process by generating ideas. We create the wireframe which is a representation of the product’s essentials and, finally, build the design. It includes: site map, user flow, mockups, images, icons and colors.

Understand the business

Define the user and business needs


User/focus groups



Usa personas

User journey maps

Site map

User flow


User testing

Beta launch

Internal testing

Final Analyze

Our agency in Laos works with Agile methodology

Our work process is built around Agile methodology. This project management method is often used in software development to reduce risks, ensure quick delivery and build the most optimized product as possible.

Our IT developers write the code and do code review to check it and ​fix it rapidly ​make the appropriate changes if needed.

Code review : the code produced by the IT developer is then checked by another team member to verify the code is well written and secure.

We run daily Quality Assurance testing as well as Unit Testing.
With Continuous Integration, we ensure the app’s integrity and rectify mistakes before the release, using Jenkins or Bitwise language.

We frequently update our clients of the work in progress and maintain communication throughout the whole design and development process.

Code, Review, Test, Build and Repeat

Support and app maintenance

We take care of your app even after its release. Follow-ups and maintenance are also part of our services. We monitor users feedbacks in Apple appstore and Android Play Store from Laos, update

the app for new OS and operate quick fixes. This maximizes users satisfaction and the app’s relevance​.

Luan is the android expert of the team.

Multi-skilled IT developer, he has been programming for desktop, web and mobile applications for more than 9 years in Brazil, New Zealand and Australia. He created, improved and maintained mobiles apps with over 500 000 downloads on the Play Store.He writes easy to read and high quality code, using Java and Kotlin, and programs with .Net framework. He has technical knowledge about Android operations, iOS front-end, design and mobile app testing. His works methodology includes QA (Quality Assurance) testing and Continuous Integration.

Luan Couto Luan Couto - Software & Android Engineer

CEO & Senior Mobile developer iOS

Now based in Laos, this developer began his career in France before working in Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. He remarkably created apps for the publishing group Lagardère Active, mobile banking, travelling assistance and taxi companies. He also developed a rugby tracker and a quiz game with real time broadcasting. Arnaud is tireless and dedicated to every project he runs. His leadership skills combined with his technical knowledge make him a solid choice to manage any mobile app development project.

Arnaud Phommasone Arnaud Phommasone - ​CEO & Senior Mobile developer IOS

Julie is our UX expert. Talented graphic and user experience designer, Julie has worked for more than 9 years as a freelancer and UX/UI consultant in

international agencies for US and European companies such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, HSBC, Fiserv and more. Fierce traveller, she practiced her skills in many countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Mexico and now Laos. This french made professional is very committed to her projects and always delivers high quality work.

Julie Biot Julie Biot - UX & Design consultant